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Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.
Hate me because I'm better than you...

Just kidding... ;) Welcome to my webpage. Everyone says that, but I mean it and they just want you to buy something. Of course, if you want to buy something from me, far be it for me to withhold your desires in life. In fact, if you REALLY want to buy something from me, you can check out and buy a mug or a shirt or something. Right now I only have a few family pics and a humor thingy or two, but I plan to put more up soon (mostly because I personally like mugs and shirts with humor or pics or whatever). It's a little disorganized at the moment, but already I had some guy in Florida buy a humor shirt. LOL

Mostly I have this page to post a tribute/memorial page to my departed sister and nephew, but it's somewhat expanded since I started it... (just how often can you really say "I miss them..." and have people come back to your site? :) Well, I do... but that's not all that I am even if it IS a big part of who I am now.

This particular page is not my original webpage format, but I seem to have had some problems with my initial page so I'm substituting this one currently. If you don't like it, well... sucks to be you I guess. :) Put up with it for a while until I make the time to find something I really like and prefer. :) Obnoxious, ain't I? LOL

A side note, it's been a while since I updated this page, though I've corrected a few things now and then. I'll get to it... whether it's days, months or years from now. They say patience is a virtue, so be virtuous. ;)


LGMcon 2008 thru 2012

Well, LGMcon looks like it's done and over. Too bad, but made some friends from it and am still in contact with most of them. :)


My one and only ad. :) If you like Worlds Of Warcraft, check this site out!

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